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I To We Yoga

Illness to Wellness Yoga

Courses & Programs

All our courses are structured with a holistic perspective, in view of needs of practitioners. We assure individual attention with Proper Guidance & Corrections. Benefits of our Online Yoga sessions:

  • LIVE Sessions with 2-way Video facility

  • Inclusive of different specific Yogic Practices like Vasudeva Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga etc.

  • Continuous monitoring with clear demonstration


 Find a program to achieve your goals

  1. Yoga for beginners

  2. Fitness Yoga

  3. Yoga for busy Professionals

  4. Yoga for weight loss

  5. Yoga for Women health

  6. Kids Yoga

  7. Office Yoga

  8. Yoga for Senior Citizens

Yoga for Beginners

An Introduction to traditional Yoga postures, incorporated with associated loosening patterns for very beginners. I to WE yoga is powered through specific warm ups and Upa-yoga(pre-yoga) to subside the discomfort during the beginning state. It comprises easy yoga postures that provide physical and mental benefits, allows everyone to build upon further practices and move onto more advanced poses and sequences. The more we practice yoga, the more we are building awareness and making progress.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Inclusive of Ashtanga, Vinyasa & power Yoga poses that will prevent weight gain & burn fat seamlessly. This active, intense yoga sequence helps you burn the calories and diminishes stress - one of the main reasons for being overweight.

Yoga for Women's health


There are some yoga poses that are of immense benefits to women in particular. Designed with various yoga asanas to deal with different phases of women, the poses ensure that women will adapt to the multiple changes easily and painlessly. It is incorporated with soothing pranayama to deal with the wandering and wavering mind which is a net result of the physical changes the adolescent body goes through. Inclusive are Yoga asanas which help pregnant women recover faster post-delivery.

Office Yoga

Specialized program structured for working professionals. We offer specific Yogic patterns for physical well being & mental poise. The sequence incorporates chair yoga, invigorating breath work, and deep stretches which aid in opening up interior spaces, and clear our mind which will ultimately lead to a positive spike in the individual professional performance. Each session is focused to boost up energy levels, countering the stress, fat burnout, negative impact of prolonged sitting and screen time.

Fitness Yoga

Yoga for fitness poses will work on our entire human body, burn fat, and tone muscles. Fitness Yoga combines elements from Hatha Yoga and traditional exercise, linked together and including these poses into our daily routine will create strength, flexibility, endurance and balance.

Yoga for Busy Professionals

For those people who struggle to spare much time for Yoga practice. I to WE has structured 20 min practice, a mix of live and recorded content available, with opportunities to move mindfully through a full body vinyasa flow. We can reap the amazing benefits of yoga with a few bite size portions that can definitely fit into our day no matter how busy we all are. During the practice period you can feel the transformation, and will discover a new routine that can include time for yoga.

Kids Yoga

Kids yoga is extremely beneficial as children are born flexible and it helps to shape the brain and body of the young ones to achieve balance, body awareness, self-resilience, and a good personality. Structured with kids friendly Yoga poses customized for the age of the child, they enhance concentration and patience apart from physical well being. Yoga asanas help kids understand how different body parts work in sync with their breath to get the whole system together thereby developing self-awareness, and comprehending healthy body routines.

In these perilous times, Yoga can help children to always stay positive.

Yoga for Senior Citizens

People of all ages can benefit from participating in yoga. In this program asanas/poses are modified or adapted to suit as per the practitioner’s capability and is total assurance of a safe practice for all fitness levels. There is a range of standing, sitting, lying down, yoga with props, along with simple exercises for the eyes, facial muscles, jaws, neck, hands, ankle, toe, knee etc.

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