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I to we yoga

Illness to Wellness Yoga
Sreelekshmi Suresh
(Globally Certified Yoga Trainer)


‘I to We Yoga’ is a therapy-based online Yoga platform catering to your individual needs and schedule. Online Yoga sessions catalyze powerful transformational change to mind & body. Strictly adhere to yogic principles and basic yoga postures, as therapeutic means of usage to facilitate growth and healing. ‘I to WE’ is designed to help out everyone better in the state of mind & body and aids everyone to the best of capability.

We have designed various yoga online programs and are available now.



A Passionate Yoga teacher with over 10+ years of professional experience in designing and leading yoga classes of various levels. Her story is an Engineer’s journey from the world of technology back to the spiritual essence of Yoga. Had been working as Asst. Professor in Adishankara Institute of Engineering & Technology cum The Head, AdiShankara International Centre for Peace & Yoga. Published two major Yoga courses entitled –‘Yoga for Immunity ‘ & ‘Yoga for Beauty & Health’ in association with Adishankara Digital Academy.


She has dedicated herself to the yogic practice, study and teaching of yoga since discovering its joys and benefits after she came across Shri Rajendra Damodara Yenkannamoole-Founder of Vasudeva Kriya Yoga. She draws huge inspiration from Acharya Rajendra’s views and attended all his classes to realize the dimension –Divinity in Yoga . Completed the Yoga studies from SVYASA Yoga University Bangalore and prevailed International Yoga License.

Also the student of Dr.Alexander Hankey, Distinguished Professor of Yoga and Physical Science, theoretical physicist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Cambridge University). Her yoga practice include- design of integrated yoga formats from beginner to advanced level, process & implementation of yogic patterns for various lifestyle diseases, mentoring of beginner practitioners on their yoga path, promotion of holistic wellbeing through teaching and consultation, service to various categories to develop their body and mind awareness.


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Sreelekshmi Suresh

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